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What is the woman shown in the picture?

Freelancing Tips:

Earn online from the following 5 ways:

Affiliate Marketing: Now thousands of ecommerce websites are being created every day in the present day. Increasingly, the needs of ecommerce business are now promoting their offers on various CPA websites to sell their products. For example, and ali-express, you can ink by affiliate marketing as affiliate partners.
Youtube Marketing: One of the most widely practiced online income programs is YouTube Arriving. Now, at the very least, good quality youtube marketers can earn well, but the first condition of youtube marketing is that your YouTube channel now has 4000 hours of video vio and 1000 subscribers.
Blogging: This is a free investment income system, due to the fact that Google offers the content creator from Adsense to make a subdomain from its own Blogspot site. In this case, the blogger should be careful not to copy any kind of website.
APMNetize: Currently, those who do affiliate marketing and other tasks, many of them open a developer account in Google Play Store and give developers the opportunity to earn. But to do this, 1 May to invest a little. To open a developer account at the Play Store, the primary account fee is $ 25.
DashShipping: The business that comes online after ecommerce business is basically a dropship. In order to keep the trade of ecommerce business, it is important to invest a lot, but in the dropshiping business there is no stock to store, only one online store is to be arranged, and to contact the supplier of the product to deliver the product. In this business, you can do this business by simply contacting the supplier by making an online shop.